What do you do with your free time?

A repost of an old post from my social media from June 2018. I’ve kept it as is and not re-written at all as it is still so relevant. And still something I struggle with from time to time. Re-define your ‘free time’..

6 June 2018.

Free time, it’s a strange term really isn’t it. Something I ‘ve realised recently is I focus really heavily on the uses I give to my ‘free time’. For me, as I work Monday – Friday 9-5 this is between the hours of around 5.30 and 10pm plus weekend. weekends aren’t really an issue, I fill them with family, exercise food and relaxation. But it’s how I use my post work free time that trips me up  sometimes.

The realise of this has been a long time coming, for a few months now I’ve been focusing on it all wrong, sometimes skipping or rushing something I might like to make sure I got enough ‘me time’ or ‘free time’. Last night I intended to work a little late (Currently on a flexible working schedule), go straight to an earlier yoga class and then home for dinner. But when it came to leaving work all I wanted to do was go straight home. It was sunny, about 22 degrees which it has been off and on for a few weeks now (hasn’t it been fab?) and I realised that the weather was making me re-think my ‘free time’, it made me want to go straight home, walk the dog and chill. But this meant skipping yoga, and I love yoga, why would I want to skip something that is good for my mind, body and soul?

I’ve been battling this for a few weeks now, it’s been highlighted since I’ve been doing the early morning yoga course I mentioned in yesterday’s post (See my Prana Vashya review for info on what this refers to). I got so used to getting my yoga fix in before work and that meaning I could go straight home after work and do nothing but walk the dog and relax, that i’s been a real struggle to think about losing my ‘free time’ after work. It was as I was leaving work and debating cancelling yoga that I thought to myself, ok, if you go home now what will you do instead? Will you practice as intensely at home as you will in class? And ‘have you forgotten how much you love yoga??’

So I guess the questions to myself is, is a gorgeous yoga class (as hard as it can be) not a brilliant way to spend free time? Better than hours in front of the telly or scrolling through social media? And well yes it was, I had an amazing class, hard but rewarding and I got home feeling brilliant. So, if you’re like me and sometimes feel that free time can only be determined by sitting on your butt doing nothing, remember how doing the things you love make you feel, maybe that’s yoga, shopping, the gym, seeing friends. Anything you do in the that is yours and unscheduled, is free time. You’re just using it in a more productive way. But don’t beat yourself up when you have a night off either.

24 December 2018

6 months later and I’d be lying if I said i was completely cured of this, but I can say I’m a heck of a lot better. Since the months break in June I’ve still been attending the morning practices, but I’ve been using my ‘free time’ in the evenings to see friends, pamper myself or even take a second yoga class. I’m focussing heavily on ‘free time’ being time I’m doing things I want to do, and not time that is literally completely free of anything. I’m trying to read more and watch TV less and get fresh air at least once a day. There is days or evenings were I will have a totally chilled time and snuggle on my couch with my puppy but these are fewer, and they’re good for the soul when they’re infrequent. Enjoy the time you have to yourself, spend it doing quality things, eat well, exercise, get fresh air and spend time with the people you love. Focus on this for 2019 and see if you feel any better.