Prana Vashya – From the Mouth of a Student

I’ve talked a lot about Prana Vashya recently, you can see my full previous piece on my experience in discovering it here, but I can’t stop talking about it as it never stops being the reason I manage to practice such consistency. And consistency is the main thing I can recommend for anyone asking how to progress and grow. For me, Prana Vashya and Consistency come hand in hand.

I’ve included some before and after photos at the bottom of this post, ranging from November 2017 when I was a brand newbie to attending public classes, and almost a newbie to Yoga in general really, including some from this time last year as I started my daily Prana Vashya practice through to more recent photos. You can see on these the difference in depth I’m reaching, form in postures and I wish you could feel the ease I have in some of these now compared to before.

Hands down the only reason I have progressed at the pace that I have is due to this daily practice with Beck. Prana Vashya is a yoga sequence developed by Vinay Kumar, you can read more about it and him on his website here. Beck travelled to India to learn this from him and brought it to Liverpool to teach to us. Due to it being a more recently developed practice of yoga than most which you’ll come across I find when you compare it to others, even Ashtanga which is my chosen style of yoga to study, it is more intellectual and more forgiving for the body than the rest, and yet with the right guidance still a physically demanding and satisfying practice.

An extract from Becks Website and her description of this practice; Prana meaning vital energy and Vashya meaning the control of. It is a practice which leaves you feeling rejuvenated and without pain and injury when practiced mindfully and with focus. Though it is a challenging sequence you truly reap the benefits throughout life.

The courses run on a 4 week basis, Monday – Friday in the early mornings. They’re over a 4 week period due to it being a progressive and intensive style of practice. It is said to take 21 days to develop a new habit. Every few months there is a 2 week beginner or intermediate version of the course, this offers a slightly amended sequence running for a shorter time each day, making the course more accessible to those who are a little wary of the 4 week commitment and giving a brilliant introduction to the Prana Vashya style of practice. 

I am writing this to try to emphasise how much these courses Beck runs can change your life and your practice. We often struggle to believe our teachers or the things we read from their posts as we’re not sure we can trust it fully. I hope that in writing this, all in my own words, from my own genuine experience of this over the last 12 months that anybody who is on the fence about committing to this course can have some help in making that decision.

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