Regular Classes

You have 4 regular chances to practice with me each week!

Thursdays 6-7pm @ Yogacita

Thursday 8-9pm @ JD Gyms Widnes

Fridays 6-7pm @ Loft Space Yoga

Sundays 10.40-11.40am @ JD Gyms Widnes

My studio classes are an ashtanga inspired set sequence which I’ve created, it will change now and again but I choose to teach a mostly set sequence as I’m a big believer it helps support us in progress and concentration. It’s always been my preferred way to learn, grow and practice and through this I’m called to teach in this way. I always offer variations to ensure everyone is welcome in my class, it will cater for all abilities and if you’re working with any specific injuries I will do everything I can to help you.

My two classes at JD Gyms are a slower paced practice targeted more towards beginners. I still offer variations meaning those who have never stepped on to a mat before will take just as much from the class as those who’ve been practicing with me for several months.

Along side these classes I cover across these studios and others, keep an eye on my Instagram for these updates.

I also host regular workshops and beginners courses, see here for more info.