Join The Tropic Team

I hope we’re all doing ok as this lockdown period extends further ahead of us, so many people I know are being affected by the loss of income or reduction in their pay and it’s hitting us all so differently.

I wanted to share some information with you about Tropic and how its working for me, even more so during lockdown! I have to admit as I’d only been an ambassador for 2 months before lockdown (and only qualified in my facials 3 weeks before!) I was worried it would impact my little business. This little business is so important to me because the money I make from Tropic is helping support my teaching yoga (which at the moment is helping save for our wedding!!) 

There’s always scepticism around businesses like Tropic from the outside, I know I’ve been up there with the others thinking it’s some crazy target driven selling business and I only signed up because a friend I trusted explained to me how it was the total opposite. 

People say to me sometimes when I tell them about all the Tropic stuff I use that it sounds excessive, but we use all this stuff anyway? We all wash our faces, use anti-aging creams, wash our hair, have bubble baths etc etc.. (they even have a full make up line now which I’m falling in love with as I slowly try it!) so instead of buying all this stuff across different brands from different Highstreet or online retailers, I just swapped to buying it through Tropic and get paid for my own purchases! 

One of the first things I heard about Tropic was how it is 100% naturally derived, absolutely no nasties added whatsoever, plus completely vegan & cruelty free, and as a business they double offset their carbon emissions so it’s a really pure brand to purchase though, which makes my little treat buys make me feel so much less guilty..and what I always recommend people do before anything else is check their products in Think Dirty – it’s a free independent app where you can scan or input your current products in it, it’ll rate it out of 10 for how ‘clean’ it is, listing all the crazy stuff that can be added to these products which we put all over our skin. It was a bit of an eye opener for me. 

I’d used a fully natural skincare brand on my face for about 5 years, but on top of that I’d put anything I fancied on my body in terms of lotions/fake tan and used a range of different make up, literally putting these products on top of my fresh skincare! When I’ve seen whats in them, and how many things warn the added chemicals ‘may cause skin irritation’ it seems Ludacris that we’re not better warned about this. 

In March alone I made from Tropic commission the equivalent I would by teaching approx. 18 yoga classes, that’s 4.5 classes/hours a week that I’d have needed to teach to make this money (plus the energy they take) and from the bottom of my heart I can assure you I ‘worked’ nothing close to that! I’m lucky from my yoga that I already have a following on Instagram which has made telling people about Tropic as easy as a 10 minute post on IG once a week talking about a product/current offer. 

We all have friends and family/work colleagues/facebook and IG connections that use skincare/body products and makeup who would be interested in reading your information/hearing what you have to say. I’ve introduced so many people to Tropic, often they’re enticed in by the 30 day money back guarantee (currently 90 days due to C19!!) because it’s a try before you by type set up, meaning if the shade of makeup you buy doesn’t match right/you don’t react the way you wanted to the serum you chose …you can swap it or get a full refund with no quibbles. 

When we’re back to normal, we can gather up our friends, they can bring their friends and you can host ‘Pamper Parties’ – where you take along all your Tropic goodies for people to see, feel and smell..they’re all so good this always ignites so much interest! Everyone I’ve introduced so far has come back for more orders as they love their products.

Have I sparked your interest? If so, I’ve put some of the info below about how joining works so please read on..

To sign up you buy a yummy kit of all the tropic skincare favourites – costing £198 for £500 worth of stuff!!

And that’s it! You get access to all sorts of training videos, social media content and as much info about the products, how their made, the business brands and more, plus you get added into a team of amazing people, there’s so much support and always somebody on hand to help, we even meet up (When we’re allowed!) for personal training too, I’ve met a whole heap of likeminded people through this which is one of the true perks! And there is absolutely ZERO targets or pressure!

Even if you don’t want to make a big business from this, but you want to make money on your own beauty product spends plus a little pocket money from introducing a couple of friends and family to it, whatever your goal the opportunities really are all there and I promise it’s so easy!

If you want to find out more about joining the team, building your own side business to help support you, especially in times like this.. then just get in touch and we can chat about it as much as you want. 

You can see some more info on the website here.