It’s ok not to be ok..

It’s ok not to be ok. On that note how are you? I’ve been better truth be told. There’s a real pressure (yes I admit probably largely from myself to myself) to be forever positive and inspiring, it seems to come with the territory. But realistically are we helping anyone if we just pretend we’re ok 100% of the time?

The current situation is horrible. Not many people don’t know somebody who is or has been very ill. It’s scary and we’ve never had to deal with something like this. It’s impacting our jobs, our families and our lives from every angle. It would be weird if we all said we were totally ok. 

But what’s important is honouring those down days, most people I speak to are on a rollercoaster journey same as me, some days are better than others, and on the down days we need to just feel those emotions, don’t argue with them or push against them or try to dismiss them, they’re all valid.

My sister said to me last week, if you were in a car accident and got out with just a scratch when it could be a lot worse, would you say ‘oh well I shouldn’t worry as it could have been so much worse?’ no, you would process the feelings of the accident you’d been in irrelevant of the outcome. We don’t always have to say its ok because it could be worse. Whilst it can be nice to compare and say well luckily it happened now and not then because it would have impacted me worse than for example, if it’s affecting you now and bothering you then feel it. Be annoyed at the things you’re missing out on, the negative impacts of this, the upset and fear for the world and those around you. And then let them go. Don’t dwell, don’t spread them to others or take them into a new day. 

This is the important thing we need to do, process the emotions and feel them, and then move on. Take steps to do the things that lift your mood and your spirit, walks in nature if you safely can, good food. Quality time with those you’re home with, or virtually connecting with those you’re not. If you know exercise helps then do it. Don’t beat yourself up if (like me) you’ve gone from 5 sessions a week to 1 or 2, there is no pressure to use this time to ‘better yourself’ we just need to survive this. If you want to learn a new skill, read loads of books and fill your time like this then amazing do so, but don’t beat yourself up if you want to binge on TV and have a couple of duvet days too. Just try and find a balance. And whatever you do day by day, just know that you’re doing your best to get through this in any way you can.