Finding Discipline

Discipline, it can be viewed as a harsh word depending on its context and how you want to look at it. The angle I’m coming to it from here is general discipline in life. We all have it and all need it, whether it’s in your job, with your children, for yourself in what you eat or what you do, it comes into your life daily and we don’t even notice it most of the time.

This week marks a year since I signed up to Prana Vashya (see my blog post here if you want to know what I’m talking about). I’d never have dreamt in a million years I’d still be here, alarm going off at 5am, driving to town before work and doing 2 hours of yoga, but I am and I love it more every day.

What this course has meant for me this year is a lot of changes. I have to go to bed earlier (approx. 9.30pm which when the nights get lighter can be hard), I need to think about what I eat, how much of it I have and the time I eat it of an evening to avoid being overly full and lethargic the next morning. On the other hand I’ve recently upped my calorie intake during the day to ensure I’m fuelling my body in the way it requires after putting it through its paces so early each morning. This has been particularly hard for me as somebody who has pretty much consistently watched my calorie intake for the best part of 15 years. And while I’m eating more calories I’m eating less processed foods, less takeaways and fast food, more whole foods, more plants and since the New Year basically no meat at all as another thing this journey has done is make me more aware of things around me like animal cruelty.

I’ve made cut backs in other areas of my life too, financially to fund the amount of yoga I’m choosing to do, less nights out, less clothes shopping (unless it’s for yoga leggings!!), early nights at the weekends to either give my body the rest if needs or to allow me to get up early enough for a yoga class on the Saturday/Sunday morning. I’ve cut back the amount I drink and how often I drink, my body needs me to look after it more if I want it to perform every day. I’ve probably bored my friends and family half to death as it’s all I can think and talk about at times!

Depending on your journey and what your goals may be, you might think this sounds crazy, who would give up a bottle of wine on a Saturday and opt to go to bed at 10pm just to go to yoga on a Sunday? Well I would have been there with you until a year a two ago, thinking people like myself now are strange, not living their lives and missing out. But actually it’s the opposite, I’m not saying I’ll never skip a yoga class and opt for the big meal/bottle of wine, or that if that’s what makes you happy that there’s anything wrong with that.

It’s just that for me right now, my life has shifted hugely, to the point that sometimes it can even feel over-whelming. When I plan my week and see my schedule between a full time job and fitting in on average 12 hours of yoga a week, plus seeing friends, family and having time to relax in my house. When I turn down dinner dates because I’ve spent all my money on yoga that month or simply need to use that bit of free time to rest.

But then I sit back and think about the bigger picture. How much healthier I feel in my body and in my mind, and how yoga has sparked a passion and dream within me that I never thought I’d have. The friends I’ve met and connections I’ve made. It’s changed my life, and I’ll be forever grateful to Yoga for that, it found me just when I needed it and it won’t ever let me go.